WAIVERFORM™ for Spas & Massage Businesses
Let WAIVERFORM® take your spa or massage business into the age of paperless registrations and easy data management...
WAIVERFORM™ for Spas & Massage Businesses
Let WAIVERFORM® take your spa or massage business into the age of paperless registrations and easy data management...

Protect Your Spa and Massage Business with Digital Waivers

Beauty and body care service providers should protect themselves from liability as much as any other business. Spas, massage therapists and beauticians are some of the areas where consent forms and client information are necessary.

These types of businesses offer various types of treatments, and knowing about allergens and injuries are key to delivering your services. A digital client registration and consent form will help in achieving this, without the need to store lots of paperwork or carry lots of forms around with you (useful if you are a mobile therapist). It can also be integrated with your booking software to easily export client data.

WAIVERFORM® is a platform that provides a range of online documents for businesses. Liability release is one of the areas that we cover. Digital liability releases are the next big thing in minimising risk for your business, and we ensure you receive the best structure.

Ask the right question, get the answers you need

If you need to explore your clients’ health before treatment, using the built-in customisable questionnaires makes data gathering light work. If a client answered a question that raises a concern, your operator will be notified of this on the Management Studio, allowing further investigation before treatment starts. Taking this opportunity to gather as many details about clients as possible, and knowing about medical conditions and allergies, can mean crucial information is passed on to medics in the event someone is taken unwell.

Streamline Critical Processes

Invest in our digital forms and enjoy increased efficiency and productivity. Online forms come with a convenience that you cannot find with paper documents. Our digital platform enables the collection of signatures for liability release from anywhere. Customers can use the mobile app to submit their consent forms and signatures before they even arrive at your place of business. Doing this eliminates queues at the front desk, and enables you to be prepared with the necessary products, thus minimising waiting times for clients to start their spa experience or treatment.

Online forms are one solution that can help reduce administration work for your staff. This allows them to focus on the customer themselves and their overall experience. New customers can submit their completed registration forms; returning customers can simply update relevant details like emergency contacts, phone numbers and email addresses on the app, which means you always have the correct, up-to-date information to hand.

You may have different forms for different treatments such as skin pigmentation/rejuvenation. Clients can complete these separately (and in addition) to your standard registration form. All this information is collected together and stored under your clients’ account. Being able to conduct all these activities online saves a lot of time, makes the tasks easy, and staff can utilise that time elsewhere, in turn, boosting productivity.

Digital forms can help minimize the amount of time you spend on administrative paperwork
WAIVERFORM® makes it easy for customers to provide feedback about your services

Get Feedback from Customers

Want to know what customers think about your shiatsu massage or the new blend of essential oils that you use at your spa? Then invite your customers to complete a short survey or questionnaire when they receive their confirmation email. Questionnaires are excellent at sourcing feedback about your offerings. It’s an opportunity to gain insight from the clients perspective. The answers collected are invaluable during marketing. Knowing what customers think about your prices, treatment quality, and waiting times will tell you where the strengths and weaknesses lie within your business. We give you the flexibility of structuring questionnaires the way you see fit.

Branding with Digital Liability Release Forms

WAIVERFORM® provides the freedom to brand documents to suit your company’s image. Never ignore a chance to increase visibility for your business and brand. We have customisable forms that you can tailor to match your branding. Add a logo, company colours, business tagline or background. Make the forms an extension of your brand. Each time a customer sees a consent document, they envision your business and the great experience they had there. Make it hard for people to forget, even for a minute, which brand is meeting their needs! Our documents are easy to edit, making personalisation uncomplicated.

Add your branding to digital forms quickly and easily with WAIVERFORM®
Get better customer insight with the real-time analytics features in WAIVERFORM®

Real-time Analytics

Using our online documents gives access to vital data that can help with your business operations. You can view everything via the Management Studio when necessary. It offers information such as: the number of waivers signed, the types of waivers, new versus returning customers, the busiest times for your business, and other key analytical data. With this information, you can understand your business, customers and brand better than before. If you need reports about your signature signings, the platform provides them. All the real-time data available positions you to make more informed decisions about your offerings.

Educate Clients

Not every person who walks into your salon knows about the risks involved. They might not even realise there is a need to sign a waiver. Take this opportunity to inform them. Explain all the risks in the waiver. Inform them about the use of certain tools like hot stones during some treatments. Ask clients to indicate all the allergies that might be triggered with products used. Provide them with all the details about the services and treatments that you offer. Lay out potential complications, side effects and risks, and aftercare depending on the procedures. All our digital waiver forms are in a simple language that simplifies comprehension for your customers.

Educate your customers to the potential risks of procedures with our easy-to-understand waivers in WAIVERFORM®