Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers and sign-in forms. WAIVERFORM™ provides an efficient, secure and uncomplicated tool for your horse riding school...
Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers and sign-in forms. WAIVERFORM™ provides an efficient, secure and uncomplicated tool for your horse riding school...

Seamless Consent Signing Processes for Your Equine Business

As an Equestrian facility, a riding school, instructor, coach or trainer you have to consider the risk that your business presents. Even when all the right measures are in place to mitigate risks, accidents can still happen.

For many, it is par for the course that at some point a client will have a fall or an accident during a riding lesson or as part of a stable management session. If something does happen whilst delivering your services, your enterprise could be subject to a lawsuit. Could you be sure that faced with an emergency situation you have the right emergency contact details to hand or the correct medical information to provide an ambulance crew with?

WAIVERFORM® allows you to access these details easily whilst storing them securely-no more paper chasing! It also helps protect your business by helping to ensure you have the most up-to-date information from your client before training or their experience commences, such as any previous injuries or their level of experience. Clients may easily sign to say the information provided is still current. If you haven’t seen them for a period of time or they want to try out a different activity such as hacking instead of the usual arena lesson, you can get them to to sign consent again.

WAIVERFORM® makes all these processes easy for you with a digital liability waiver and client registration.

Convenient collection of signatures and consent for horse riding activities with digital waiver forms

Make Your Business Paperless

The collection of online signatures for consent forms has unique advantages. Depending on the number of clients that your equestrian facility receives, you could be generating a lot of waste in paper. Think of all the application, liability release and receipts that you generate every year. You can reduce the amount of paper your business uses – and be seen to be taking an active role in reducing waste – by going paperless with your forms.

Switching to digital waivers can do great things for your business. Besides the environmental benefits, relying on online documents makes some tasks less hassle. Finding specific forms, for example, is easy, as is storing forms and keeping on top of data you are storing or data to be removed under GDPR. If you need the details of a former student, the search filter on the WAIVERFORM® platform works wonders. Storing digital files takes up less space than paper and is also easier to manage.

Save Time with Online Forms

Our kiosk app is changing how equine businesses and coaches are conducting their operations. The tool affords you unrivalled convenience. For freelance instructors, you can access your information on the go and take your tablet with you for customers to sign. Alternatively, for freelancers and schools wanting to really speed up their operations, customers can submit their signatures online using their personal touchscreen device and submit it for you to check before they even arrive.

This can save a significant amount of time, especially when dealing with large group parties such as hen/stag groups or children’s birthday parties. It also allows you to focus on ensuring everyone is kitted out correctly on arrival, and reduce waiting time in your reception area. This option is also particularly useful when booking children’s lessons, allowing the legal guardian to sign when someone else is going to be escorting them to the session.

Our kiosk app can help speed up operations leaving your more time to focus on activities

Customise Equine Waivers

Our library includes waiver form templates for equine schools, coaches and related professionals. These are customisable dependent on your business requirements. The editing feature ensures that users can incorporate the appropriate information as required by their insurers and electronic signing is legally recognised under eIDAS. Alternatively, you can upload your own current form and information that is key for clients to read, such as the Horse Riders Code of Conduct. Furthermore, you can incorporate your branding-colour scheme, logo, and social media links in the form and confirmation email, so customers are linking your brand and their experience even further.

Gain Useful Information

The consent signing procedure and the details that your clients provide can help in various ways. On top of the key information required for your clients to partake in equestrian sports, under your guidance, on your premises and for you to be able to appropriately match a rider to horse. You can easily ascertain various other aspects of your business, such as the biggest demographic of your customers, the most-requested activities, and other trends. In addition, inviting clients to complete a survey after the experience via their confirmation email can generate priceless information on areas they enjoyed the most, any areas for improvement. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews on sites such as Facebook and TripAdvisor. The opinions of your clients are critical when making future decisions about the company and employing business strategies. You can evaluate your offerings and restructure them using the collected data.

WAIVERFORM® is a leading platform for equestrian facilities to manage client consent and registration forms. Whether you run a School, work as a freelance coach or instructor or train client’s horses and need them to sign consent for you to do this. Our platform can work for your business. If you are interested in using our platform and seeing how it can work for you and your business, please get in touch.

WAIVERFORM® is a leading platform for equestrian facilities to manage client consent and registration forms


Be Better

WAIVERFORM® makes it easy to manage and access your waiver data, even when on rides away from the equestrian centre. In the event of an accident, staff can quickly access important customer data, such as medical information or emergency contact numbers.

Engage with

WAIVERFORM® connects with your social media accounts, third-party e-mail and marketing applications to help keep in touch with clients. The suite of applications can also analyse customer trends, and collate customer data into meaningful information for marketing.


WAIVERFORM® charges a simple, monthly fee for keeping everything secure, up-to-date, and within regulations. No matter the quantity of waivers signed, surveys filled in, or customer profiles stored, the cost is fixed. No surprise charges, and no limits on the data you can store.

Your Data

WAIVERFORM® is fully compliant with the current General Data Protection Regulations and requirements. Your data is completely safe and secure. And with built-in data export tools, you can take your data with you should you wish to migrate to another system.

Comprehensive Liability Documents

The information on a liability release form is crucial, in case you ever have to use it. Horse-related activities have their dangers that range from riding accidents, to injuries caused by the animals. Whether your equine school is new or not, you should be aware of the risks, and so should your trainees. Your clients should understand the scope of the dangers they face and know where the liability lies. For this reason, the document should spell out the nature of the risks. Avoid generic statements that can cause ambiguity. The language should be concise. We support multiple languages, which helps when you have clients from different regions.

Make sure your clients are well aware of the risks and liabilties involved in activities with the comprehensive multi-language liability documents in WAIVERFORM®