Key Features of the WAIVERFORM® Suite
The WAIVERFORM® suite of applications can be used for all your sign in and data capture needs, as well as for managing waivers and other customer interactions...
Key Features of the WAIVERFORM® Suite
The WAIVERFORM® suite of applications can be used for all your sign in and data capture needs, as well as for managing waivers and other customer interactions...

Explore the WAIVERFORM® Suite's Key Features...

WAIVERFORM® isn’t just a simple-to-use, highly manageable and customisable, secure, digital waiver platform. The suite of WAIVERFORM® applications can be used for all your sign in and data capture needs. For example, it can add a professional touch to your venue’s reception area, working as a welcome and sign-in screen for visitors. Or you can create questionnaires and surveys to capture specific customer data and reactions, and engage with them via mailing lists and social media connections.

With all your waiver and customer information logically collated within the Management Studio, using WAIVERFORM® for marketing purposes or business analytics is a cinch. All this information is available at your fingertips within the WAIVERFORM® suite.

Choose From a Library of Pre-Defined Waivers...

Don’t worry if you haven’t already got a waiver or what you should have in one, content-wise. That’s fine. We have a comprehensive library of pre-defined templates for all kinds of businesses and activities, out of the box and ready to use. All you need do is tweak the specifics for your business or activity.

With WAIVERFORM you can create custom branded digital waiver forms

...Or Customise waivers to suit yourself!

Don’t like our waivers? That’s fine, too. You can either use one of our existing templates as a basis for your own waiver, or upload a document of your own. Waivers and other documents can even be tailored to match your company identity, with the option to add logos, tag lines, and other such brand-matching graphic elements.

No limits On DATA...

We don’t charge per waiver signed, document stored, or customer profile created. Or place any restrictions on the quantity you have of these, within reason. Instead we charge a simple, monthly fee for keeping your unlimited data storage, secure, always available, and well within the current data protection regulations. You need never have to worry about going over-budget or exceeding your data quota.

...Or What you Do with it!

Your data belongs to you. While working with us, we act only as custodians – and we do that very well! Should you decide to move on at some point in the future, then there are no hard feelings. We make it easy to take your data with you. WAIVERFORM® data can be opened in Microsoft Office, CRM software and many other applications, with a choice of exporting in CSV, XML or JSON format.

Analyse Customer Metrics...

Our WAIVERFORM® platform enables you to collect substantial client information pertinent to your business. With it, valuable insights can be gleaned. For example, you can learn which of your products or services most satisfy clients, or the number or new and returning customers in a given period. Analytics like these can positively enhance decision-making.

...And Increase Your Social Reach

WAIVERFORM® is about more than just capturing data. It connects with social media accounts and even integrates with third-party e-mail and marketing applications like MailChimp. With WAIVERFORM® there are no barriers to keeping in touch with, and getting valuable feedback from, the customers in your database.

Get Useful customer feedback with Surveys...

Use the waiver signing process to find out what customers think about your products or services. Surveys can be set-up on the WAIVERFORM® kiosk app for customers to complete after their activity. Find out how customers feel, what they expected, and any recommendations or anything that stood out to them. A well-structured survey will show you where the strengths of your company lie and where to improve.

...And customer-specific data with Questionnaires

In order for customers to receive a particular service, it may need to be customised to their needs. A spa, for instance, might ask a client about allergies or reactions so that therapists know which products to avoid during treatments. The WAIVERFORM® kiosk app lets you tailor health questionnaires according to the services you provide, including questions that gather details that are critical to your business operating smoothly and legally.

Sign in Any Time, Any Where...

WAIVERFORM® isn’t just for waivers. It can be used as a quick-and-easy self-service sign-in portal in reception to welcome and register visitors. For other businesses, it can be used to allow clients to sign or complete waivers and other such documents on their internet-enabled devices before they even get to your venue, thus vastly reducing registration time upon arrival. Staff can remotely (and securely) access the WAIVERFORM® platform when out-and-about. too. Even without an internet connection, vital itinerary and client information can be quickly recalled in case of emergencies.

...And Get More Than Just A Signature!

WAIVERFORM® keeps a record of which waivers have been signed, when and by whom, and if any documents require attention or contain validation warnings. The management studio provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to maintain your waivers and customer records in one place. It’s both secure and easy-to-use, and can be accessed from any device. The WAIVERFORM® suite of applications also includes a downloadable management tool. This provides you with seamless, “always on” access to the Management Studio.